Friend says Hasse felt threatened before shooting

KAUFMAN (KYTX) - A huge increase in the reward to help catch the person who gunned down prosecutor Mark Hasse.

Officers are reviewing cases Hasse prosecuted in the past to see if that could lead to new information.

And those who know people who work in law, say this whole incident is a scary reminder of how their loved ones could be affected.

Carma Sullivan was at work when the shooting happened Thursday morning.

"I got several texts asking me if I was ok, if I was anywhere close to the courthouse," says Sullivan.

All she could think about was her son, who works for the Kaufman Police Department.

"He's the first one you see when you walk into the office in the police department," says Sullivan.

He and all the law enforcement officers in the state are now working to find the man who gunned down assistant district attorney Mark Hasse.

"Officers of the court, officers that work the street, we are always vigilant to the fact that when you work in criminal justice, people don't like being caught," says Kaufman Police Chief Chris Aulbaugh.

In a press conference Friday in Kaufman County, Chief Aulbaugh said they're looking through old cases, he said there's no indication the Aryan brotherhood was involved, even though it's a popular speculation.

"Different witnesses give us a different accounts of how they were covered, whether with a pullover mask or a hoodie," says Chief Aulbaugh.

The shooter was described as wearing all black and having a covered face.

As investigators continue to collect evidence, crime scene tape is taken down and the parking lot is reopened where the shooting happened.

But security has increased at the courthouse.

"We will continue that for sometime, until everybody kind of gets back to normal, whatever that is," says Kaufman County Sheriff David Byrnes.

But normal is a long way away for those who live and work in Kaufman, who think about their loved ones who wear a badge.

"I know it crosses the mind of all family that have somebody involved in law enforcement," says Sullivan.

The Kaufman County Sheriff did say tonight investigators do not believe there is a vendetta against the county.

A longtime friend of Hasse told CBS News that Hasse felt he was being threatened.

He said Hasse did not know who was behind the threats, and did not discuss the nature of them.

The friend said Hasse was carrying a gun everywhere he went and changed his exit route from work each day.

Police say the shooter left in a gray or silver sedan similar to a Ford Taurus.

It had no license plates.


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