Fuel with water causes issues, how you can protect yourself

Fuel with water causes issues, how you can protect yourself

TYLER (KYTX) - Some customers at a Tyler gas station is saying they're having mechanical problems after they bought gasoline tainted with water from Friday's heavy rain. They said they bought the fuel from  the A and W gas station.

CBS 19's Katiera Winfrey explains how drivers can protect themselves if they ever buy bad gasoline.

One of the customers that said they bought bad fuel is Jerry Lewis. He said, before this his car was in tip top shape.

"It runs excellent, that car only moves out of the garage for weekends," Lewis said.

He is one of several people that bought gas over the weekend. A store employee said heavy rains found its way into the gas supply and the store is working to help customers pay for mechanical repairs.

The store owner wasn't available for comment, but employees said until the bad gas is flushed out, the pumps are out of order.

  Randy Russell owns engines express and said when water gets into your gas tank, it can cause all sorts of havoc, so you'll notice it fairly quickly.

"Either it's not gonna start, it's gonna run rough and while driving it's gonna most likely clatter and run horrible."

Insurance companies advise, whenever buying fuel, it's best to get a receipt every time. That way if you end up with faulty gas, you can prove when and where you bought it, and hold the gas station responsible.

Lewis said it may take a while to prove he purchased his gas at A and W because he doesn't have a receipt. Now he's relying on surveillance video.

"All you gotta do is roll the tape back, you'll see I got gas from here."  



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