Fundraising experts think ALS ice bucket challenge is starting a fundraising trend

Fundraising experts think ALS ice bucket challenge is starting a fundraising trend

TYLER (KYTX)-Fundraising experts tell me the millennial generation is known for being charitable but that the ice bucket challenge is taking it to a new level.

Though experts are not telling non profits to focus all fundraising efforts on social media, they are saying that it definitely plays a big part.

Paul Tilton was diagnosed with ALS sixteen years ago but he's not giving up.

"Risa I don't get depressed, I've got too much to be thankful for," Tilton said.

One of the things Tilton is thankful for is the awareness and donations from the ice bucket challenge.

"I think its good to draw attention to it because as far as I know right now there's no known cure and it would be good to find a cure for ALS," Tilton said.

Many of us here at CBS 19, including myself, have done the challenge and seen the effects but fundraising expert Patrick Willis says the key is knowing what happens after the campaign wraps up.

"What we asks as consultants if we were dealing with this organization is now you have all these donors, after this craze is over, what's next? what do you do with those donors is what matters for the organizations going forward," Willis said.

The ALS association is a national organization but Willis says our local organizations can learn from this.

"It's very powerful, social media is very powerful. and the one thing an organization can do is harvest the positive side of social media," Willis said.

Powerful because it's outside the box. And local Alzheimer's Alliance is already thinking out of the box for fundraising events.

"Right now we are dong majj jong for memory which is a little bit different event than other folks and it is a games day," Alzheimer's Alliance Executive Director Jana Humphrey said.

Many of the people who have been participating in the ice bucket challenge are millennials, a generation known for being both philanthropic and engaged, a group Willis says organizations need to focus on.

"They want to be hands on, they want to be involved, they want to make a difference and then they will invest in your organization if they fell like they've been engaged so that's really engagement is to me the next trend in fundraising," Willis said.

Tilton is proud of people's participation.

"I hope they find a cure, and find out what causes it so that the many people that suffer from this can find some relief," Tilton said.

And thankful for the campaign's success..

Proceeds from the the ice bucket challenge continue to pour in, yesterday a one-day record was set -- 8.6 million dollars in donations.

The ALS Association will use proceeds to fund 21 new research projects and to provide more services to people who currently have the disease.

There's a chapter in Texas and that money will filter down to patients across the state including East Texas.

And now all of us here at CBS 19 would like to challenge Smith County Sheriff Larry Smith, Don Martin with the Tyler Police Department and Commissioner Jeff Warr! Good luck guys and let us know how it goes!


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