Gash in Dog's Neck Almost Reaches Trachea

LONGVIEW (KYTX) - Bleeding, infections, and wounds all around his body. This is the shape Nickolas was brought to the Humane Society of Northeast Texas Thursday.

Animal Control Officer Chris Kemper says the wounds this dog suffered were some of the most brutal he has seen.

"What we believed happen was that he had a collar that wasn't fitted and it grew into his neck. The collar finally broke and he was able to escape the place he was tied up at' - Chris Kemper
Nickolas was found wandering this field at Stamper Park.

Khara Hetrick of the Humane Society says the sight of his neck was more than she could handle. 

"I was horrified, it was hard not to throw up."

Kemper says the dog will be on antibiotics for weeks and that it'll take this gash at least 4 months to heal. 

"What's sad about this is that it's a 100% preventable injury."

Kemper says a collar should be checked and adjusted often during growth spurts. If your 4 fingers can't fit between the collar and the dog, it's too tight.

"It looks like it's been fed. It's just someone not paying attention their dog. Part of having a dog is taking care of it and playing with it. And if you do that, you would notice something like this."

Animal control says that the animal was picked up as a stray and there are no suspects. If that changes, the people responsible could be charged with cruel confinement and failure to provide medical treatment. 


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