Gladewater family wishes for a new home

GLADEWATER/GREGG COUNTY (KYTX) - This 960 square foot Gladewater home is 77 years old, Kristina Klawinski and her 11 year-old Klemente are outgrowing it. Klemente suffers from cerebral palsy.

"When the way that he has to be lifted or taken through the doorways, he does get frustrated."

Kristina contacted the 'Make A Wish' foundation to ask for a therapy room for her son, just to make his living conditions a little easier.

The foundation said it will grant her wish, but told her it would have to be put on hold because the house was too old and didn't have the proper wiring to begin work.

And on a limited income finding another home is tough.

"It's a really tight fit, it's not a safe environment him being in there."

Klemente's nurse, Luke Marsh says, it's difficult training him to be more mobile in such a small space.

"He just doesn't have room to do his walking, day training or anything like that."

Something that could be difficult for any growing child.

"Deserves anything a regular kid deserves he should be able to walk around just like anyone else."

There's water damage, the floor is rotting and mom thinks that could only lead to mold. And the house is so tight there are some areas I was not able to film.

"He has no room to walk in his room much less put anything else in there."

Because Kristina is only renting, there's only so much she can do to the home.

"If they decide that next week they want to sell it, all that has gone for nothing."

So the community has come together for Klemente and set up a bank account to help this family get into a bigger and safer home.

 "Any donations or anything can go to help the family."

"We're not asking for a $200,000 home, just a basic box house that's big enough for him to meet his daily requirements.

Klawinski said she doesn't qualify for a Habitat of Humanity home because of where she lives.


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