Glocal Giving Day: How the food gets to those who need it

TYLER (KYTX) - As Glocal Giving Day winds down here at our station, we've now seen how generous East Texans are, bringing in food and monetary donations all day.  

The fundraising effort is to help feed children and families in East Texas and children in Africa.

It comes directly from you to bins like this, then it can be taken to Saint Paul Ministries.

Everything on the truck will be going to feed families, kids, more than 48,000 kids in East Texas.

And we're now at more than 2550 pounds of food going to feed people in east Texas.

As soon as the door opens at Saint Paul's Food Bank, Jeanette Crume begins the process of grocery shopping.

"I'm disabled and only get a small about of food stamps each month," says Crume.

Crume says she's thankful for places like Saint Paul's, an organization in Tyler that feeds more than 35,000 people each year in 27 counties.

Food Crume doesn't know she could get otherwise.

"I don't think... I don't know I can answer that," says Crume.

"When people have trouble buying food for their families, we suffer as well too," says Mitzie Avera, the director of development for Saint Paul Children's Foundation.

But before St. Paul's can stock the shelves and even the baskets, they need donations like this. And all of these have to be weighed and sorted, so it's easy to get to those who need it most.

"Food we don't have to purchase, we can have available to our families immediately," says Avera.

Avera says that's why food drives are so helpful.

Taking the food directly from your hands, and putting into the hands of families and East Texans.

"Many of the families we see just need a little extra help to stretch that food dollar, food stamps only go so far and budgets only go so far," says Avera.

"Good program for needy families, I didn't think one day I'd be here, but I am here," says Crume.

And after a full day of collections, not only did St. Paul's get more than 2,000 pounds of food, but we raised nearly 1,581 dollars for No Hungry Children Tyler to help hungry children in Africa.

And don't forget May 18th is the No Hungry Children benefit festival.

That will be at Bergfeld Park, raising money to feed children here in East Texas and in Africa.



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