Gohmert wants bin Laden photos made public

story courtesy of the Tyler Morning Telegraph
Staff Writer

U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Tyler, has requested to see photos of dead al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden and said the photos should be made public.

Gohmert said the photos would bring "finality" for Americans and would enrage only those who already wish the nation harm. He said he understands both sides of the argument regarding the decision to release the photos but added "Americans are adult enough" to see the grisly photos.
"We watched people jump from the towers to avoid being burned death. Does (the president) think that seeing photos of bin Laden dead would be worse than seeing brothers and sisters, Americans, having to jump to their deaths?" he said. "I think too many people have forgotten the horrors of 9/11 maybe."

Defense Secretary Robert Gates said one of the reasons he opposed releasing the photos was the fear that they would be altered in ways that could provoke a backlash.
Gates said that after the White House released a picture of national security officials getting updates on the mission, he received altered images.

One added football players sitting at the table, and another dressed the officials in flamboyant hats like one worn at the royal wedding in London.

Gohmert said the White House presented numerous reasons that amounted to excuses.

He said questions will persist about whether the photos were real. He said in spite of al-Qaida acknowledging bin Laden's death, conspiracy theories will continue.

The mission to kill bin Laden was a military success, Gohmert said. He said he is proud of the military and said the special operation that killed the "world's most-wanted mass murderer" was "tough."

Gohmert said the president should make the photos available to Americans who want to see them. He said the president was making excuses when he said releasing the photos would be "spiking the ball."

"He spiked the ball anyway. He went to ground zero and had the ceremony and made speeches. I think the ball has already been spiked, so we ought to let the people have the finality of seeing the pictures."


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