Good News: A tale of two authors

Good News: A tale of two authors

TYLER (KYTX) -  From her mind to the computer screen in front of her, Bobbie Shafer brings characters to life with her words.

"In her haste to be at sea, her fellow passengers appeared to move in slow motion," read Bobbie Shafer. 

Shafer is reading a passage from her first published book, "Loves Golden Dream."  A book that wasn't published until she was 72-years-old.

"My knees buckled, tears came to my eyes, and every writer will tell you they go through the same thing. It's like oh my gosh, someone really likes something I wrote," said Shafer.

For most of her life, the mother of five worked as a manager of a fast food restaurant.

"For about 20 years, that's what I did. Flipped hamburgers and asked would you like fries with that," laughed Shafer.

But when retirement came, she didn't want to sit on the porch in a rocking chair. So, she learned how to use a computer and started writing.

"Within a year, I sold 350 short stories," said Shafer.

She says writing was always her passion, sort of a hobby she had on the side.

"My grandfather, when I was child, read me stories, told me stories, we would walk from the barn to the back pasture and he would point out wagon trains and indians. That's where I got quickly transported into the land of imagination and I never lost it," explained Shafer.

Shafer, a Harry Potter fan, writes young adult fantasy and historical adventure books.

"So many of my friends, that are my age, are going wow. Not that they want to be a writer, but they have hesitated doing things because they thought they were too old," said Shafer.

For Cathy Myers, age was just a number.

After retiring from a career in education, she became a full-time grandparent who wrote short stories for national publications on the side.

But one day, she got a request to write a novel.

 "He said, how soon can you have it ready?  I said I will have it ready by the end of the month. That was like 20 days," said Myers.

She finished it in 20 days.

Myers' first book was published when she was in her 50's. Now, she's an accomplished writer of children's books and murder and suspense novels.

"I would never say give up. Do what you want to do," said Myers.

Advice from two women, two authors, who made up their minds to follow their dreams and write the rest of their own stories.

"There was a time when I retired and I thought, this is all there is. It doesn't have to be. That's up to me," said Shafer.

For information about Cathy Myers, CLICK HERE.

For information about Bobbie Shafer, CLICK HERE.

For information about the East Texas Writers Guild, CLICK HERE.



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