Good News: Geraldine Newman's balloon ride of a lifetime


TYLER (KYTX) - Most of us have a bucket list. It's a list of things we would like to accomplish in our lifetime.

We spoke to one East Texas woman who has been waiting 100 years to cross one last item off of her bucket list.

Geraldine Newman just turned 100-years-old. Her one wish has always been to fly in a hot air balloon.

When you have friends in high places, like Miss Geraldine, they can make it happen.

Before we go on a ride of a lifetime with Miss Geraldine, let me tell you a little bit about her. In 1940, she was the secretary to the Mayor of Houston.

"That was right before the war started, so that was an interesting job at that time," said Geraldine Newman.

Miss Geraldine came to Tyler in 2008. She loves it here, but Houston is still her home.

"I want you to float on down to Houston. You think we can do that?," laughed Miss Geraldine.

Ok, now that you know more about her. Let's go back to the hot air balloon.

Miss Geraldine fell in love with hot air balloons as a little girl, when she saw one in Houston.

"Well, I want to be around the world 80 days in a balloon. So, we may not be back. I'll send you a post card," said Miss Geraldine. 

We floated over Tyler with her.

"It's wonderful, I'm really enjoying it," said Miss Geraldine.

But of course, she wanted to keep heading south.

"If my legs would not stop buckling under me, I would be happy to go to Houston, but I'm getting a little bit shaky," said Miss Geraldine. 

After 30 minutes in the air, the ride came to an end in the parking lot of Target. But for Miss Geraldine, the ride had just started.

"More than worth it, I'm ready to do it again," said Miss Geraldine. 

Maybe she will, when she turns 101, and hopefully, this time, she'll make it to Houston.

Miss Geraldine's hot air balloon ride was made possible by the people at the Atria Copeland Assisted Living Center and the Hope Foundation in Tyler.

The Hope Foundation make wishes happen for people over the age of 85. They also offer wishes to people over 65 with terminal illness.

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