Grab a cup of coffee....and a gun


MINEOLA (KYTX) - An East Texas coffee shop is serving up a cup of joe with a side of second amendment rights.

In the small, East Texas town of Mineola, there's a little coffee shop downtown called Henry's House of Java.

"Oh, it's great. We love it here," said Randall Gann.

But today, there's something hotter than the coffee.

A new sign posted on the front door says the business is second amendment friendly.

"One of the customers was joking about it , and I was like,  that's an important issue," said Tammi Williams. 

Manager Tammi Williams says she wants to encourage her customers to lawfully carry their concealed weapons.

"We welcome everybody here and we don't want anybody to feel they're not welcome because they do carry a gun," said Williams.

The coffee shops public stance on the issue is bringing in more people through their doors.

"We've even had people on our facebook telling us you just gained a new customer, that's really awesome," added  Williams

For the people who gather in Henry's house, the signs posted around the coffee shop put a smile on their faces.

"I believe that once a person is licensed to carry a weapon there should be no constraints. They should be able to take them to church, take them to school, or wherever," said Ross Whitney.

"As long as someone follows the rules and regulations, then they should be able to bring their weapons wherever they want," said Randall Gann. 

One small business taking a stance, with a sign that's waking people up more than the coffee they serve.




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