Grandparents speak out about alleged abuse

CHANDLER (KYTX) - The grandparents of a two-year-old girl, allegedly abused by her mother's fiancee, said they wish they would have done more to protect their granddaughter.

Don Bowling, and his wife Ruby,  took care of their son's daughter for the first year and a half of her life while, they said, her mother tried to get her life together.

"She's got the most beautiful smile you'll ever see. The biggest blue eyes," said Ruby Bowling.

Her mother started taking care of her about a year ago, around the same time she met her fiancee, Joshua Williams.

"We just thought he was a nice young man," said Don Bowling.  

The Bowlings' said they never thought Williams would be capable of allegedly abusing their granddaughter.

"Introduced himself to us and told us how well he was going to take care of them. Made us feel comfortable, for myself about it, because most men won't come do something like that," said Ruby.  

Williams is in the Smith County jail charged with injuring the girl.

The child's mother told investigators she left her daughter with Williams for about an hour to run an errand. When she returned home, she said she found the little girl foaming at the mouth with blue lips.

Doctors said the child had been severely beaten.

"She's still a little frightened. Got to be reassuring and loving toward her. Hopefully she can overcome that part of it," said Don.

The Bowlings' said in the past few months, they noticed bruises on their granddaughter.

"We noticed things and we just didn't know. We should have known, but we didn't, " said Don.

Now, they're urging other people in their situation to take action if they notice any possible signs of abuse.

"If you're feeling like it's just not right. Go ahead and call CPS," said Ruby.

The Bowlings' granddaughter is out of ICU, but she has a long path of recovery.

"Our biggest prayer right now is not only for her to get better, but hopefully she doesn't remember much of it," said Don.



Shari Pulliam with Child Protective Services said there was a previous investigation of alleged physical abuse in August.

CPS believes the alleged abuse was happening in her mother's home. Also, she said doctors in Dallas have decided the alleged sexual abuse were actually injuries from the beating.


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