Gregg Co. Clerk's Office warns of phone prank involving jury duty

Gregg Co. Clerk's Office warns of phone prank involving jury duty

LONGVIEW/GREGG COUNTY (KYTX) - The Gregg County District Clerk's Office is warning people about a phone prank that has led several people in the county's jury pool to call the courthouse, thinking they've missed a jury summons.

According to Deputy District Clerk Barbara Hensley, several people have told clerks that they were told - by friends or relatives - that they are being fined $500 for not answering a jury summons. They are then asked to call a phone line with a 704 area code, on which an automated voice says that they can press a button to pay the fine - but nothing happens after the button is pressed - Hensley said.

Hensley says it's a prank. All jury summons in Gregg County are handled through the U.S. Postal Service, so any message through email or over the phone is likely not from the Gregg County District Clerk's Office, she said.

"We would probably send you a notice out that tells you of your failure to appear for jury duty, and that we need to reschedule you to a different time," Hensley said.

Hensley said she contacted the district attorney, but he said that, because no money is being exchanged in the prank, no criminal charges or investigation would be pursued.


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