Ground beetles invade East Texas

Ground beetles invade East Texas

TYLER (KYTX) - They're small, they're sneaky and they've come to visit East Texas by the thousands. If you've seen tons of little black beetles around, you're not alone.

There are people all over Tyler that are dealing with this infestation. Business owners here in the downtown area are worried it will curb business, so they're taking care of it now.

It's not the Beatle invasion of '64, but day and night, East Texans have been working like dogs to battle shiny, black beetles.

"Its like every day now, there's hundreds of them, and they seem to be just flocking!" says Craig Hanson, who owns downtown business Hanson Imageworks.

"We sweep about 20 to 50 beetles a day!" he says.

The big question is, why are they here?

"It's a pest called a ground beetle. They're about 3/4 of an inch to an inch in length, and they're coming in by the thousands in and around buildings to mate," says Dennis Newberry with Alpha Pest Control.

"That's kind of scary because there's a bunch of them, and they start mating, they're going to multiply tenfold," Hanson says.

"They are attracted at night to light," Newberry says. That's what's bringing the bugs toward buildings.

"They like to hide and get down into deep crevices," he says.

Realizing these beetles could be bad for business Hanson asked Newberry to give him a hand and spray pesticides and insecticides around the building.

The tricky thing about these beetles is that they can get into very small cracks, and in downtown buildings like Hanson's, there are a lot of those. So make sure to get the exterminator to your home or business as quickly as possible so these beetles don't keep multiplying and becoming an even bigger issue.

"Look at your house and how tight it is around the doors," Newberry says. "If you have openings seal them. If you have an opening underneath the door, and you can see light through it, use a threshold to tighten up the door."

That rubber threshold for your door can be bought at any hardware store, and it will have you saying goodbye to these pesky invaders.

Experts say it should take about 10 to 30 days after you spray pesticides and insecticides for these bugs to disappear.

You can find some of these pesticides and insecticides at your local feed and supply store, but if you see these beetles in your home and don't want to deal with it yourself, call that exterminator immediately!



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