Group Wages War on Giant Salvinia

Group Wages War on Giant Salvinia

UNCERTAIN (KYTX) - Just one root of Giant Salvinia can turn into 40 acres in less than a month. This pest rest on top of East Texas waters, and can cause a thick mat. Making lakes look like a pasture.  Ted Barrow retired years ago, and moved to his home on Caddo Lake. 1/4th of the lake is covered in this stuff and he says it just wont go away.  

"We live on this lake, we retired here 18 years ago. We love it, and it's very important." - Ted Barrow
The Greater Caddo Lake Association of Texas is helping home owners like Barrow to battle this weed. President Daren Horton says this plant can tangle up boats, kill fish, and destroy the beauty of the lake.
"Marion County, Louisiana, Texas, Democrats, Republicans it doesn't matter. Everyone is coming together for this." - Daren Horton 
The association has began breeding these little guys, weevils. The beetle naturally eats Giant Salvinia  and 40 of these tiny bugs can eat 2 pounds in 6 weeks.  
"If we don't do something right now, it's going to take over the lake."
Today, a concert was held on the banks of Caddo Lake to help raise money for this greenhouse. It will be turned into a greenhouse suited for growing weevils.  
"People around here answer the call when this lake is in jeopardy."
Barrow says moving isn't an option.
"I'll stay here and fight."


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