Gun prices shoot up as demand skyrockets

TYLER (KYTX) - After the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut, there has been talk across the nation about possible gun control legislation. As those talks continue, guns are flying off the shelves, and demand is up. That has prices skyrocketing.

When it comes to guns, hunting safety instructor Roderick Craig knows his stuff.

"I've spent about 50-55 years with firearms of all kinds," he said.

He's around guns every day for work, and has his own personal collection at home.

"Five rifles, 8 shotguns and three pistols."

The gun buff keeps tabs on the industry and describes the weeks following the Sandy Hook tragedy as chaos.

"It started immediately at the sporting good outlets," he said.  Guns were bought off of every rack in town. "I saw no semi automatic military style weapons on the shelves."

Then, the madness spread to the gun shows.

"They were packed!" Craig said.

Along with long lines, were bigger price tags.

"I heard in Longview they were actually doubling, and people weren't scared at all to open their wallets up and shell that kind of money out," he said.

We spoke to members of a company called G &S, that runs some of the gun shows all over the county, including East Texas.

A spokes person says sellers at shows can raise the prices as high as they want, and most are  asking for at least $200 - $300 more than usual.

Craig says the increases are shocking, and because of the price increases, he's thinking about selling this gun that he bought for $1,100. At one of the gun shows he thinks he can get almost double the price back for it.

"I'm seriously thinking about looking into it because there would be some firearms I'd be interested in if I could get my money back from this one or maybe double it!" he said.

As politicians mull over possible gun control legislation, experts say the race to collect semi automatic guns and ammo probably won't end any time soon.


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