"Haunted" places in Tyler

"Haunted" places in Tyler

TYLER (KYTX) - Tyler staple, Gilbert's El Charro, opened it's doors at this location on East Erwin in 1952.

It's known across East Texas for its mexican food. The location closed on May 6th of this year for remodeling.

"The main activity is in our back pantry," said Rosa Ramirez, Gilbert's El Charro CEO.

But, you probably didn't know, it's also known for it's paranormal activity.

In the pantry, Gilbert's El Charro CEO Rosa Ramirez says she saw this shirt moving on it's own.

Other people have reported being touched, even pinched, in the pantry.

"We had two different psychics at two different times come in. They both picked up they could see a couple dancing, and we figured out it was my aunt and uncle," said Ramirez.

Pictures captured what some think are glowing orbs in the restaurant. In one picture, some people say they can make out a face near the entrance.

"We had another incident where a penny went flying off the counter and my waitress was freaking out, and so was I, because I saw that, too," said Ramirez.

Barton Hisel is a tour guide for Jericho's Tours of Tyler. He takes people on ghost tours.

One his favorite spots, Terror Nights, a haunted house on Oakwood street in Tyler. Before it was a haunted house, it was used for storage and the building and repairing of train parts.

Brandy Rice remembers a time a girl claimed she was unable to move her own body, and she didn't know why.

"She was trying to come out and she couldn't move. It took two people to pull her out of that doorway," said Rice.

Our next stop was at the original Smith County jail house built in 1881. It's now a law office.

"People would take pictures downstairs up into these windows and capture apparitions of a lady. And this lady is said to not be so nice up here," said Brandy Rice.

Original jail cells now sit outside. It's been said, sometimes the inmates come back.

Just as those, from the other side, sometimes come back to the original Gilbert's El Charro.

"Somebody was joking around, they said they loved your food that much that they came back," said Ramirez.

For information on Tyler ghost tours, visit www.toursoftyler.com


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