Health Alert: A woman's blood could help predict any risks for memory problems

Health Alert

(CBS) - A woman's blood may hold clues as to whether she's at increased risk for memory problems after menopause. Research from the Mayo Clinic found that some women have platelets in their blood that are more likely to cause clots. That tendency may lead to areas of brain damage after menopause, which causes memory loss.



(CBS) - More women are using emergency contraceptives, those are pills used to stop unwanted pregnancies. A study from the Centers for Disease Control found that from 2006 to 2010 about 11 percent of sexually active women had used the emergency pills. That's nearly triple the number from earlier in the decade. Women in their early 20's were the most likely to use them. About one out of every four.



(CBS) - Long, low intensity workouts may be better for you than short intense ones. Researchers in the Netherlands compared people who exercised vigorously for an hour each day to people who stood or walked for longer periods. As long as they burned the same amount of energy, the lower intensity workouts were better at improving insulin levels, as well as fats and cholesterol.


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