Health Alert: AAP endorses thimerosal in vaccines

(CBS) - The American Academy of Pediatrics is endorsing the use of the preservative, thimerosal in vaccines. The preservative contains mercury and critics had concerns it could be linked to autism. But the AAP says overwhelming evidence over the past 15 years shows it does not have neuro-toxic effects. Thimerosal has been reduced to trace amounts in all vaccines for young children, except certain flu shots.

(CBS) - New treatments for kidney failure could be on the horizon. Researchers in Australia made a key discovery about the role of white blood cells in kidney inflammation. They believe their finding could lead to targeted treatments of about 20 percent of renal failure patients.

(CBS) - If you are looking to lose fat in the gym, researchers say stick to aerobic exercise and leave the weights alone. A new study at Duke University found people who combined aerobics with weight training did not shed as many pounds as people who stuck to aerobics like walking, running or swimming. Previous research has suggested that weight training could increase resting metabolic rates helping the body shed more pounds.


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