Health Alert: Alcohol before bed may not be a good mix

(CBS) - Drinking alcohol before bed might help you fall asleep faster, but according to researchers it interferes with a good night's sleep. London's sleep center says alcohol helps a person get into a deep sleep for a longer period of time, but it reduces Rapid Eye Movement sleep. Doctors say a lack of REM sleep can lead to poor concentration and memory.

(CBS) - New findings confirm that lower drinking ages can have an impact on drinking habits later in life. Researchers in St. Louis found people who grew up in states that permitted drinking before the age of 21, were more likely to binge drink and develop alcohol dependency as adults. The study found a minimum drinking age of 21 had positive effects especially reducing deadly traffic accidents.

(CBS) - The FDA is looking into ways to make nutrition labels easier to understand. Many food labels calculate calories per serving, but there is usually more than one serving in the container. Researchers say listing fat and calories per serving and per package would help consumers more accurately calculate healthy portions.


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