Health Alert: Aspirin may lower liver cancer risk

(CBS) - Taking aspirin may help lower your risk of liver cancer. Researchers at the National Cancer Institute looked at about 300-thousand men and women. They found those who used aspirin reduced their risk of liver cancer by 41%. They also reduced their risk of death from liver disease 45%.

(CBS) - A new drug could help people with insomnia. Researchers at Merck looked about 250 people and found suvorexant increased the amount of time people slept through the night. The drug blocks the chemical messengers in the brain that control wakefulness. The company has submitted the drug to the food and drug administration for approval.

(CBS) - Some simple steps could lower the number of infections patients catch in hospitals. U.S. researchers found if patients shower with a special soap before surgery and surgical teams change gowns, gloves and instruments during operations -- germs have a hard time spreading. A nationwide project at seven hospitals found taking these simple precautions cut infections by nearly one-third after colorectal surgery.


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