Health Alert: Aspirin may prevent blood clots in veins

(CBS)- Aspirin may be an effective tool for preventing blood clots in the veins. A study in the Journal "Circulation" shows that 100 milligrams of aspirin a day reduced the risk of recurring blood clots by up to 42 percent. Researchers say anticoagulant drugs are more effective, but that aspirin may be a good alternative for patients who cannot take those long-term medications.

(CBS)- About one out of seven people may have a disorder called sleep drunkenness. Researchers at Stanford University say it causes confused or inappropriate behavior after waking from sleep, such as answering the phone instead of turning off the alarm. The majority of people who experience these episodes also have a sleep disorder, a mental health issue, or are taking psychiatric drugs like antidepressants.

(CBS)- Medical marijuana may be producing unexpected benefits. Researchers at Johns Hopkins analyzed death statistics in states where it is legal to use marijuana to manage pain. They found that the number of deaths from prescription drug overdoses was 25 percent lower than in states where medical marijuana is still illegal. 


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