Health Alert: Babies are learning earlier than first thought

(CBS) - It seems the last 10 weeks of pregnancy for babies is a busy time. Researchers from the University of Washington say babies are listening and learning during those critical last weeks. Doctors say the fetus can hear vowel sounds and immediately after birth the babies can tell the difference between their native language and foreign ones. The study indicates babies are learning earlier than first thought.


(CBS) - Electric stimulation to certain sections of the brain may help your body fight pain. Researchers at the University of Michigan used electrodes to stimulate the skull of a patient with severe facial pain. Doctors say the brain tissue in the area released an opiate-type substance that acted like a pain killer. Researchers say repetitive stimulation is needed for long lasting relief. The findings support previous studies on migraine pain.


(CBS) - A new study suggests it is safe for women to get a breast lift and augmentation using implants at the same time. Experts have suggested performing the two surgeries together can be challenging for the surgeon. Researchers in Kentucky looked more than 400 cases and found there was no significant difference in complications between women who had combined surgeries and those who had separate ones.


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