Health Alert: Birth control for men?

(CBS) - A compound developed to fight cancer could become a birth control pill for men. Boston researchers gave mice the experimental compound called JQ1. They found it reduced fertility and prevented pregnancy. And when the male mice were taken off the drug - fertility returned to normal. Scientists are planning more tests to see if it can become an effective birth control for men.


(CBS) - A new study finds kidney failure is on the rise, especially for the elderly. Researchers in Canada followed almost 3 million people. They found 1 in 40 men and 1 in 60 women will develop kidney failure if they live into their 90's. Several conditions can lead to kidney failure including heart disease and some infections.


(CBS) - Scientists say one billion people could die from tobacco related diseases in the 21st century, if preventative measures aren't taken. A new study in the Journal Lancet finds tobacco use remains high in many countries including China, India and Russia. Doctors are urging these nations to implement prevention programs like those in the U.S. and UK where quitting rates are the highest in the world.


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