Health Alert: Birth control pills linked to cancer risk

(CBS)-A new study suggests that women who recently used certain birth control pills may increase their risk of breast cancer.  The findings in the Journal Cancer Research show birth control pills with high doses of estrogen may increase the risk of breast cancer.  Pills with low dose estrogen did not increase risk.  Researchers say their findings need to be confirmed and stress that breast cancer is rare in young women and that oral contraceptives have many health benefits.

(CBS)- New blood and saliva tests can help predict the recurrence of oral cancers linked to HPV.  Researchers at Johns Hopkins say the tests screen for DNA fragments that are shed from lingering cancer cells.  Doctors currently rely on imaging tests that are usually performed after a patient reports pain or a lump in the neck.

(CBS)- The Food and Drug Administration says it will begin regulating certain lab tests that doctors use.  The agency wants to make sure the tests that help diagnose cancer, heart disease and thousands of other conditions are safe and accurate.  In recent years scientists found some lab-developed tests gave incorrect results for conditions like autism and Lyme disease.


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