Health Alert: Blood test for prostate cancer

(CBS) - British scientists have developed a blood test for aggressive prostate cancer. The test reads genetic changes like a barcode determining which genes are switched on and off in blood cells and which cancers are more deadly. Researchers hope the test can eventually be used with the PSA to pinpoint which patients need immediate treatment.

(CBS) - There may be a link between exposure to low level mercury during pregnancy and attention deficit hyperactivity or ADHD in children. A new study looked at 400 children and found an increased risk of ADHD behavior in kids whose mothers had higher mercury levels. Studies show some fish including fresh tuna and swordfish can have high levels of mercury. But on the other hand, researchers also found mothers who ate more than two servings of fish per week helped reduce the risk of ADHD in their children. The study did not determine which types of fish are best to eat, but previous research shows flounder, haddock and salmon are lower in mercury.

(CBS) - A new study shows losing weight with a group is effective whether or not a health professional leads the program. The National Institutes of Health funded the research which compared professionally delivered group weight loss treatment to peer lead programs, such as weight watchers. The study found both groups lost weight but people in peer lead treatment lost more. Researchers say their findings are important because people need more practical affordable options to lose weight.


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