Health Alert: Blood type may raise heart disease risk

(CBS) - Your blood type may offer clues about the risk of heart disease. New research from Harvard University finds people with Type A, B, or AB blood are at a higher risk for coronary heart disease than those with the more common Type O. Researchers say those people should consider adopting healthier lifestyles to reduce the risk. That means eating right, exercising, and not smoking.


(CBS) - Even minor physical activity may have important benefits for women approaching menopause. A new study found that women who get more than two hours of exercise a week have healthier bones. Hormonal changes tend to affect bone formation. Researchers say physical activity is effective in reducing the risk of low bone mass, osteoporosis, and fractures.


(CBS) - A study of pregnant women finds those who are overweight are more likely to have overly large babies. Researchers looked at nearly 10-thousand pregnant women in California. Overweight patients were 65 percent more likely to have overly large babies. Obese women were 163-percent more likely. Doctors caution that overly large babies are at increased risk for birth complications and obesity later in life.


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