Health Alert: BMI Affects Pregnancy

(CBS) - Pregnant women should beware of two big risk factors, according to new research. The first risk is a high maternal body mass index, or BMI. A new British study finds that women with a higher BMI before or in early pregnancy had a higher risk of stillbirth and infant death. Severely obese women were in the most danger. Their risk of infant death was about two to three times higher.


(CBS) - Something else pregnant women need to watch out for: high blood pressure. A separate, worldwide study finds women with chronic hypertension are highly likely to suffer from what researchers call "Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes." Those outcomes include pre-term delivery, low birth weight and neonatal death.


(CBS) -  Is marijuana bad for the brain? The authors of a new study published in the "Journal of Neuroscience" say maybe. Researchers studied the brains of young adults between 18 and 25. They say the brains of casual pot smokers showed significant abnormalities specifically in the regions involved in emotion and motivation. The study's authors say their findings challenge the idea that casual marijuana use is harmless.




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