Health Alert: Brachytherapy tied to more complications

(CBS) - A breast cancer treatment, thought to reduce complications, may not be as effective as doctors hoped. Brachytherapy injects radioactive material directly into the site of the cancer. It spares surrounding healthy tissue which traditional radiation can damage. Doctors thought the targeted treatment would lower complications, but researchers at Yale found women who had the procedure were nearly 17 percent more likely to have problems including skin damage.



(CBS) - More Americans have their high blood pressure under control. A study from the American Heart Association shows that nearly 50 percent of hypertension patients are maintaining good blood pressure levels. That's a big jump from a decade ago when only 29 percent had pressure levels under control. Researchers believe better, cheaper medications are a major reason why.

(CBS) - If you're diabetic, you may want to load up on legumes. Doctors at the University of Toronto found a cup of legumes a day –such as beans, chickpeas and lentils - can reduce the risk of heart disease in people with Type Two diabetes. Researchers say the foods help improve glycemic and blood sugar levels.


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