Health Alert: Brain could make people gain weight

(CBS) - It's not all about calories and exercise, but some people's brains could be causing them to be fat. In a new study, researchers at the University of Michigan say some people's brains do not respond to a hormone called leptin that regulates appetite. This causes them to keep eating, and gain weight. The discovery could lead to targeted treatments for obesity.

(CBS) - A study in the British Medical Journal says second-hand smoke in cars contains pollutants that are far above World Health Organization air quality standards. Researchers say exposure to the pollutants is likely to affect the health of children who breathe them. The study also says pollutant levels remain high even when the windows are open, or the air conditioning is on.

(CBS) - Researchers in France estimate that almost 170 million years of healthy life were lost to cancer in 2008. They analyzed global cancer statistics, life expectancy numbers, and the disabling outcomes of cancer including mastectomy or infertility.


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