Health Alert: Breast cancer survivors more likely to develop diabetes

(CBS) - Canadian researchers say breast cancer survivors are more likely to develop diabetes. A new study found postmenopausal women who beat the disease have a 21 percent higher risk of being diagnosed with diabetes. The risk is even higher for patients who undergo chemotherapy. Researchers say there are common risk factors for both conditions including insulin resistance.


(CBS) - Texting isn't just dangerous when driving, but it's also dangerous when walking. A new online survey of about 1000 pedestrians finds mobile devices are distracting one in three people crossing busy intersections. Many admit they forget to look both ways before stepping into the street. Researchers say texters are four times more likely to ignore traffic lights.


(CBS) - A compound in broccoli may one day help fight leukemia. Scientists at Baylor college found a concentrated form of the compound sulforaphane can kill leukemia cells in the lab. More studies are needed but researchers believe the compound may also be effective against other blood cancers.


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