Health Alert: Cervical cancer in uninsured women

(CBS) - A new study of patients with cervical cancer finds one of the biggest reasons people are diagnosed in the late stages is their lack of insurance. Researchers say women without insurance skip screenings that could catch the disease earlier, when it's more curable. The American Cancer Society estimates 4-thousand women will die from cervical cancer this year.


(CBS) - Researchers are questioning the safety and effectiveness of drugs commonly prescribed for chronic kidney disease. A new study finds the drugs -- called phosphate binders -- are not as effective as previously thought and can cause calcium build-up in blood vessels which can lead to heart problems. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in patients with chronic kidney disease.


(CBS) - A new study finds anxiety disorders among poor mothers are more likely the result of their difficult economic situation, rather than mental illness. Previous studies have shown that mothers living in poverty are at higher risk of having generalized anxiety disorders, but those studies did not look at environmental factors. Researchers say in many cases, the best way to help those mothers may be with financial aid, rather than therapy.


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