Health Alert: Chemotherapy OK during pregnancy

(CBS) - Chemotherapy during pregnancy does not appear to increase complications in newborns. Researchers in Europe found babies whose mothers took the cancer drugs while pregnant did not have greater instances of birth defects or blood disorders than mothers who did not receive treatment. But researchers say more studies need to be done to see if there are any effects as the children grow older.


(CBS) - A new study is linking a chemical in many plastics to cardiovascular problems. British researchers found people with a condition that narrows the coronary arteries also had high levels of the chemical BPA in their system. Previous studies have linked BPA to obesity and thyroid problems. The results reveal an association and are not hard evidence the chemical causes harm. But last month the FDA banned BPA in baby bottles and sippy cups. Many manufacturers have also stopped using the chemical in water bottles.


(CBS) - Couples trying to have a baby may want to pick up some walnuts. In a new study UCLA researchers found men who ate about a handful a day were more fertile after 12 weeks. Scientists believe the poly-unsaturated fatty acids in walnuts are what help. The acids can also be found in fish oil and flax seed. UCLA and the California Walnut Commission funded the study.


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