Health Alert: Childhood obesity more dangerous than most think

(CBS) - Childhood obesity may have a greater impact on future health than first thought.

Researchers at the University of Oxford looked at nearly 50,000 children and found obese kids have significantly higher blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Doctors also detected thickening in the heart muscle, a risk factor for heart disease.

Scientists say these children could be at a 30% higher risk of future stroke and heart disease if they do not lose the weight.

(CBS) - Researchers at the University of Wisconsin may have a reason why children living in urban areas are at a higher risk of developing asthma.

Testing on nearly 800 infants shows inner city kids are much more likely than suburban children to be exposed to a type of viral respiratory infection during their childhood which can cause chronic lung infections.

Doctors believe those infections can change the way their lungs develop, putting them at risk for asthma. More study is needed to confirm the findings.

(CBS) -  A British study says doctors should trust their gut.

Researchers found a physician's intuition can sometimes be more accurate than symptoms.

Scientists tracked pediatricians who scheduled follow up tests for patients even though examinations showed nothing was wrong.

In a handful of cases the children ended up having a serious infection. The doctors in those cases said they followed a feeling that something was wrong.


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