Health Alert: Cholesterol levels improving for U.S. children

(CBS) - Cholesterol levels are improving for US children. The Centers for Disease Control followed 16-thousand kids for two decades. The number of children with elevated cholesterol levels dropped three percent during that time. But doctors say there is still work to be done because 1 out of 10 kids continue to have high levels.


(CBS) - A new study finds people who are obese when diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes have a better chance of surviving the disease. Researchers at Northwestern University say normal weight people with diabetes have a different genetic profile - which may pre-dispose them to other illnesses - and increase their risk of death.


(CBS) - A recent government report shows that more and more Americans are walking. The report compared numbers in 2010 and 2005 and found the number of people who took a 10 minute walk rose 6 percent. Doctors are encouraged with the results but say more people need to get moving. They recommend everyone get two and a half hours of moderate exercise every week.


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