Health Alert: Choosing anesthesia for hip replacement

(CBS)-  Researchers in Pennsylvania say using regional anesthesia for hip repair rather than general anesthesia does not lower the risk of death, but it could make for a modestly shorter stay in the hospital.  In the U.S., more than 300 thousand people fracture a hip each year.  The study in the Journal of the American Medical Association finds that regional anesthesia may reduce complications after surgery.  

(CBS)- New research shows that patients suffering from insomnia are not at an increased risk of developing high blood pressure. Previous research had suggested sleep disorders could put a strain on the cardiovascular system, but a larger study in Canada says insomnia does not drive up blood pressure.

(CBS)- A new study looks at the challenges of helping people with low self esteem.  Canadian researchers found patients with a negative self opinion often reject optimistic or encouraging feedback. The study says a more effective form of therapy is to acknowledge the person's negative feelings and try to sympathize.


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