Health Alert: Coffee may improve memory

(CBS) - That morning cup of coffee not only wakes you up, but can help your long-term memory, according to researchers at Johns Hopkins University.

Scientists tested the memory of people who had caffeine pills the day before and those who had not.

They found the caffeine group forgot less in the 24 hours after they took the pill.

(CBS) - Another Johns Hopkins study shows older adults who train their brains, even a small amount, can reap big rewards later.

Researchers looked at nearly 3,000 people, putting some into memory training groups.

Those participants met just 10 times and were taught strategies like remembering word lists and locating visual information quickly. 

About 10 years later, that group reported they could remember more, reason better and process information faster.

(CBS) - Researchers say they've discovered where HIV hides in the body.

Antiviral therapy can suppress HIV and keep it from replicating but doctors haven't been able to force HIV out.

Now researchers in Boston say they've found the virus in a small group of recently identified T-cells.

They say these particular T-cells have the ability to live for decades, regenerating new HIV-infected cells.



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