Health Alert: Couples live longer with children

(CBS) - If you sometimes feel like your kids are going to send you to an early grave - a new study finds the reverse is true. Danish scientists found parents live longer than childless couples who tried to have kids but couldn't. Researchers found people who adopt a child also live longer. Previous research shows parents tend to have healthier behaviors than people without children.



(CBS) - The pain you feel in your back could be caused by smoking. Researchers at the University of Rochester looked at smokers with back problems and found those who quit eventually felt less pain. Doctors say nicotine can increase pain signals to the brain.



(CBS) - A British study tricked people into thinking they were full. Researchers gave one group of volunteers a small portion of food and the second group was shown a large portion, but then given less food without anyone knowing. Even though both groups ate the same amount, those who thought they had a larger portion stayed full longer.


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