Health Alert: CT scans could prevent lung cancer deaths

Health Alert

(CBS) - Low dose CT scans of former and current smokers, could prevent an estimated 12,000 lung cancer deaths every year. The American Cancer Society analyzed data from a national trial and found smokers who got the scan and discovered they had cancer, were better able to treat it early. But not all doctors agree with the low-dose scans because they have a high rate of false positives and are expensive. 43 million Americans are current smokers.

(CBS) - Babies who are born by C-section are 5 times more likely to develop allergies by age 2. That's according to a study of over 12,000 babies by Henry Ford hospital. Researchers believe a baby's exposure to bacteria in the birth canal is a major influencer on a baby's immune system.


(CBS) - And don't worry if your new born baby is gaining weight slowly. New research at the University of Bristol shows many infants who fail to put on weight quickly during their first nine months usually catch up over time with the right care. Experts say calorie intake for underweight babies should not be increased because it may lead to obesity later in life.


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