Health Alert: CT scans may cause overdiagnosis of lung cancer

(CBS) - Researchers at Duke University say using  low dose CT scans to screen for lung cancer may be overdiagnosing the disease.

They looked at more than 1,000 cases and found more than 18 percent were overdiagnosed.

Scientists say overdiagnosis can lead to additional costs, anxiety, and complications from unnecessary treatment.

(CBS) -  Organic milk has much higher levels of heart-healthy fatty acids compared to non-organic milk.

Researchers at Washington State University say during the first large-scale test of its kind, scientists looked at about 400 different types of milk over a year and a half.

They found conventional milk has higher levels of the bad fatty-acids that can cause heart disease and cancer.

(CBS) - A new study published by the American Heart Association says three popular methods used to quit smoking do not increase the risk of heart attack or strokes.

After a study involving more than 30,000 people, scientists concluded that nicotine gums, patches, and drugs like Chantix do not have serious cardiovascular risks, which had been a concern. 


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