Health Alert: Depression linked to heart problems

Health Alert

(CBS) - Children who are depressed may have a higher risk of heart problems later in life. Scientists at Washington University School of Medicine found kids with the condition are more likely to become obese and start smoking as teenagers, which are both heart risk factors. Adolescents who smoke are twice as likely to die by the age of the age off 55.



(CBS) - Listen to this, researchers say a growing number of parents are not getting their teenagers vaccinated. A survey finds many parents don't believe the shots are necessary even though they are physician recommended. About 16 percent of parents also have safety concerns about the HPV vaccine and don't want their daughters receiving it. The American Academy of Pediatrics says doctors need to educate parents about the need for teenage vaccines.



(CBS) - Doctors also need to warn parents and teenagers about the dangers of indoor tanning. According to a new study in the journal Pediatrics. Researchers found one in four teenage girls use tanning beds. Even though they have an increased risk for skin cancer. Indoor tanning is blamed for 25 percent of melanomas in young women. Experts recommend that tanning discussions become a regular part of yearly doctor visits.


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