Health Alert: Diabetes linked to hearing problems

(CBS) - People who have diabetes are two times more likely than non-diabetics to have hearing problems. That's the conclusion of a new study conducted in Japan. Researchers say high blood glucose levels associated with diabetes can damage the nerves that help people hear. They say their findings are independent of the effects of aging, or noisy environments.

(CBS) - Researchers in Canada say there's no need to fast before taking a blood test to determine cholesterol levels. They looked at the health records of more than 200-thousand people. Researchers found that the results of lipid tests on patients who did not fast before testing were accurate, as long as doctors knew the hour of the patient's last meal.

(CBS) - Trying to quit smoking? There may be an app for that someday. Researchers in New Zealand says smart phones could be a new tool to help smokers quit. They found that smokers who receive motivational text messages were more likely to stay away from cigarettes.


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