Health Alert: Diabetic Women Increased Risk of Heart Disease

Health Alert

(CBS) - Women with diabetes are more likely to develop coronary heart disease then men with diabetes. That's according to a new 45-year study published today from Australian and European researchers. They say their findings show that doctors need to be more vigilant in screening women for pre-diabetes and treating women at risk for cardiovascular disease.

(CBS) - The bigger the brain aneurysm, the bigger the chance of a rupture. That's the conventional thinking but a new study suggests that might not be the case. Researchers in Finland say they monitored aneurysm patients over their entire lifetimes. They found the size of the aneurysm had little impact on the risk of a future rupture.
(CBS) -  New research shows deaf children who receive cochlear implants are more likely to experience problems with cognitive functions such as memory, focusing  and planning. Cochlear implants allow patients to hear sounds, but many details are still lost. Researchers at Indiana University suggest deaf children might benefit from getting  implants earlier. They found kids who got the implants at 18 months old had better outcomes in speech and understanding.


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