Health Alert: Distracted drivers more common in U.S.

Health Alert

(CBS) - One out of three Americans text or email when they drive, which government researchers warn is dangerous. A study from the Centers for Disease Control also found 69-percent of US drivers talk on their cell phones. Driving while distracted can greatly increase the risk of an accident. Many states now have laws against texting while driving but the CDC says more needs to be done.

(CBS) - Women with breast cancer may want to avoid high fat dairy foods. A new study found patients who ate one or more servings of products such as-- whole milk, ice cream or cheese-- had a 64 percent higher risk of dying. Researchers at Kaiser Permanente say switching to low fat dairy products can lower the risk.

(CBS) - Good news for people who love their morning cup of coffee or tea! Drinking a couple of cups of coffee or green tea everyday may help prevent a stroke. A study from the American Heart Association found combining the two was even more beneficial. People who drank one cup of coffee and two cups of green tea daily had a 32 percent lower risk of stroke.


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