Health Alert: Eating asparagus cures hangovers

(CBS) - If you partied too hard last night the you may want to eat some asparagus. Scientists in Korea analyzed the vegetable's chemical compounds. They believe the amino acids and minerals in asparagus can replenish the body and help alleviate a hangover. The study originally published in the journal of Food Science also found asparagus can help protect the liver from toxins, including alcohol.



(CBS) - The health of the economy could influence whether a child picks up unhealthy habits. Scientists at the State University of New York found children who grew up during times when unemployment rates were high were more likely to drink, smoke and use marijuana in their teens. Researchers suggest doctors consider their study when dealing with kids born during the most recent recession.



(CBS) - People with HIV may benefit from a larger dose of the flu vaccine. Doctors gave one group of HIV patients a normal flu shot, and a second group received a dose four times as strong. The study found patients who received the high dose built up a stronger immunity to the flu.


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