Health Alert: Energy drinks & alcohol could increase desire to drink

(CBS) - Combining energy drinks and alcohol may increase the desire to keep drinking. A study out of australia followed 75 young adults. The ones who mixed alcohol with an energy drink wanted to drink more than those who had only alcohol. The researchers warn -- the combination of energy drinks and alcohol could lead to more drunk driving and alcohol fueled violence.

(CBS) - Women who take hormonal birth control could be at greater risk of developing gestational diabetes when they are pregnant.  Women with gestational diabetes have high blood sugar levels that could pose dangers for both mother and child. The Centers for Disease Control is pointing to data from the Missouri Health Department, which shows women who used the pill or the patch were at greater risk than women who used diaphragms or no contraceptive.  

(CBS) - New research out of Penn State shows eating lean beef daily might lower blood pressure. Researchers tested four diets on 36 people -- including the American Heart Association's recommended "DASH" diet -- which encourages fruit, vegetables, low-fat dairy, and protein from plants.  The so-called "BOLD" diet -- which includes lean meat -- was more effective at reducing blood pressure than the others. Researchers say the findings suggest total protein intake and not the type of protein is key.


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