Health Alert: FDA approves use of Truvada

(CBS) - A drug that reduces the chances of getting HIV is about to hit the market. The Food and Drug Administration has approved Truvada for people who are at a high risk of contracting HIV like those who have partners with the virus. A 3 year study showed a daily dose cut the risk of infection 42 percent.


(CBS) - More countries are keeping minors away from tanning beds. Research suggests indoor tanning can increase the risk of skin cancer. A study in the Archives of Dermatology says 11 nations now have laws that ban minors from tanning indoors. That's up from just 2 in 2003. 10 are European countries, the other is Brazil. The U.S. has no federal law restricting indoor tanning – but some states do.


(CBS) - People living near the water tend to be healthier than those living in land, according to a new study. British researchers followed more than 48 million people in England and found the closer someone lives to the sea, the healthier they are. Other studies show people near the coast tend to be more active and have less stress.


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