Health Alert: FDA cracks down on painkillers

(CBS) - The government is going after companies that sell unapproved versions of oxycodone. The Food and Drug Administration says any company marketing the pain pills without government approval has 44 days to stop manufacturing. Those who don't will be prosecuted. Oxycodone is one of the most widely abused drugs in the U.S.


(CBS) - Exercise is not just important, it's vital for good health. In a new study, Canadian and U.S. doctors say a lack of fitness increases the risk of death more than obesity or high blood pressure. The researchers say physicians should consider exercise as important as getting their patients to lose weight or quit smoking.


(CBS) - Doctors at Ohio State University say just standing up - can improve health. Studies have linked sitting too much with a higher risk of obesity, heart disease and cancer. Researchers say an enzyme that converts bad cholesterol into good cholesterol decreases 95 percent when we sit too long. Doctors suggest people who sit a lot take a five minute walk every hour.


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