Health Alert: Fertility predicted by mother

(CBS) - A mother's age at menopause may predict her daughter's fertility. Danish researchers looked at the remaining eggs in more than 500 women. They found egg counts declined faster in women whose mothers went through early menopause, which is before the age of 45.

(CBS) - Looking old for your age could mean you're at risk for heart disease. A new study presented at an American Heart Association Conference finds people with receding hairlines, baldness, creases near the ear lobes or fatty deposits around the eyelids have a higher chance of developing heart disease. Doctors say those aging signs indicate poor cardiovascular health. But there is some good news -- wrinkles and gray hair did not increase heart risk.

(CBS) - A brisk walk could help you live longer. Researchers at the National Cancer Institute found even just 75 minutes of walking each week increased life expectancy nearly two years. 150 minutes a week could help you live three to four years longer.


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