Health Alert: Fewer child related ATV injuries

Health Alert

(CBS) - Fewer children are getting injured on all terrain vehicles.

Anew study in the journal Pediatrics found about 360,000 children landed in the ER over the last decade. The number of ATV injuries in children were highest in 2004, and dropped in 2010.

The most common injuries included fractures, bruises, and cuts.

(CBS) - Anti-tobacco policies could help millions of people around the world live longer.

That's according to Georgetown university researchers.

Their study focused on 41 countries and found measures including advertising bans and higher taxes on tobacco will prevent about 7.5 million premature deaths in the coming decades.

(CBS) - Virtual reality may help real-life weight loss.


A Temple University study had overweight women create a computer model that looked like themselves.

The women watched videos of their models walking on a treadmill or selecting the right portion sizes.

After 4 weeks, the women lost three and a half pounds.

Researchers believe if a person can visualize themselves in healthy activities they might learn those behaviors.


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