Health Alert: Flu vaccine not working as well as expected

Health Alert

(CBS) - This season's flu shot is only protecting seniors from the most dangerous flu strain nine percent of the time. A government report says for all age groups, the vaccine is 56 percent effective. Which,  is a typical result. Researchers say the nine percent in seniors is much lower than anticipated and they're not sure why the vaccine isn't working as well expected.


(CBS) - Genetic testing is becoming more common these days. And now, scientists are giving doctors guidelines on when it's appropriate in children. Experts say DNA screening in newborns should be encouraged to look for treatable conditions like sickle-cell disease. But they say kids should not be tested for genes that may affect them as adults. The new policy is against girls being screened for the BRCA gene mutations. That puts women at a higher risk of breast and ovarian cancer.


(CBS) - You may want to accept that friend request from Grandma. A new study finds social media can give older adults a brain boost. Researchers at the University of Arizona taught a small group of seniors how to use Facebook, and later put them through cognitive and memory tests. They found the new Facebook users did 25 percent better on the tests than seniors who didn't use the social network.


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